The Alexian Brothers descend from a late medieval fraternity, the beghards. 800 years ago the first monasteries were established in the Netherlands and in Flanders.

800 years of passion

Since their early days, the Alexian Brothers have focused on the care of those who are forced to live at the margins of society. They follow the example of Jesus Christ, who devoted himself to these people with particular love. The Alexian Brothers render their services in collaboration with others.


The Alexian Brothers today

In the course of the centuries the Alexians have turned out to be one of the biggest Catholic companies in Health Care and Social Services in Germany. They run over 170 facilities located in 5 states and employ over 10,750 professionals.

Furthermore, the Alexian Brotherhood is to be found in six countries abroad. The Alexian Brothers consist of 70 friars world wide. In the Republic of the Philippines for instance, the Alexian Brothers run a medical centre and thus provide valuable activity in health care for the poor. Being part of Ascencion Health, the biggest catholic holding company of health care in the United States of America, the Alexian Brothers provide highly spezialized patient care.


Formation of the foundation in 2013

On January 31 2013, the Alexian Brothers established a Catholic foundation under German civil law, based in Münster. The date of issue has not been chosen at random: 125 years ago, on January 31 1888, the first patient was admitted to the hospital in Münster-Amelsbüren by the Alexian Brothers.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote the spiritual, cultural, and religious work of the congregation of the Alexian brothers all over the world. The congregation of the Alexian Brothers wishes to ensure a future for the Alexian spirit and to do good deeds in the name of Christ in a health system of great complexity and numerous challenges.


Learn more about the history of the congregation of the Alexian Brothers:


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